Best Culinary Experiences in Laos

Although not being as prominent as the food world of other countries in the region such as Thailand and Singapore, the cuisine still has its own charm and attraction. If you book flights to Laos in April 2016, do not forget to discover the best culinary experiences in Laos. Features of Lao cuisine It also

Laos Food and Drink

Dishes are a blend of Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese in flavour and presentation but Laos food lacks the variety that many of the cuisines from surrounding countries offer. The cheapest and easiest way to sample Laos food is from the stalls in the markets – as long as the food is fresh and hot it

I-Beam Bar

I-Beam Bar is swanky two-level restaurant near the centre of Vientiane, specialising in Spanish-style Tapas and European wine. Arrive in the evening and you’ll usually find a buzzing atmosphere – conversation in full flow around the various plates of tapas and bottles of wine on each table. The tapas itself is delicately prepared and presented,

Laos- Standard Dishes

STANDARD DISHES If Laos were to nominate a national dish, a strong contender would be larp, a “salad” of minced meat or fish mixed with garlic, chillies, shallots, galangal, ground sticky rice and fish sauce. Traditionally, larp is eaten raw (díp), though you’re more likely to encounter it súk (cooked), and is often served with

How to Make Larb Gai – Lahb Gai – Laab Gai – Larp Gai – Laap Gai

There is a good reason why the title reads the way it does. I am aware that when I show my face here, people expect me to talk about food. But if you know me very well, you will know that, as much as I love food and cooking, the majority of my time is

Restaurants in Bokeo

For many travellers, food is one of the main ways of engaging with another culture. Food certainly plays a big role in Lao culture and society. Sharing food is the focus of any special occasion or gathering, offering food is a way to be polite and welcoming, men and women learn cooking skills from a

Khao Jee Sandwich (Baguette Sandwich)

Lao people enjoy fresh vegetables and herbs, for this reason they appear in almost every Lao meals. Meat and fish are usually grilled or steamed as a result, the famous are fresh and the dishes low in fat. Lao cuisine has many regional variations, due in part to the fresh foods local to each region.

Khao Piak Sien (Laotian Fresh Rice Noodle Soup)

I was craving some good Laotian Khao Piak Sien and then I remembered the stewing hens in my freezer. My dad sent me home with a few stewing hens and cocks during one of my visits home. I also asked my mom to pick up some homemade pho meatballs, som moo and isaan sausage from

Sien Savanh

Sundried beef strips, good with Beer Lao or as a snack. Made from beef flank steak (sometimes water buffalo meat is used), marinated in a mixture of garlic, fish sauce, ginger, sesame seed, sugar, salt and black pepper. The strips are then left to dry in sunlight, then deep fried until lightly crispy and served

Joma Bakery

Joma Bakery does some of the best freshly made sandwiches in town, and proves to be a popular spot for locals and expats craving that morning cup of coffee alongside a freshly prepared snack – all with free Wi-Fi of course. Cafés serving up tasty, reasonably priced food and quality coffee are certainly not unique